Blue Safari

Safari blu nyumbani

The Blue Safari is definitely the most spectacular tour that Zanzibar has to offer, with paradisiacal white, sandy beaches and a breathtaking underwater world.

A unique experience of sun and sea immersed in one of the most spectacular and unspoilt locations you can find.

The movement of the tides, which features significantly in all activities in Zanzibar, will lead to the discovery of small atolls and uninhabited islands, travelling in typical Zanzibari boats called ngalawa, accompanied by our Captain who will play host for a lunch of fruit and grilled fish and shellfish.


Travelling in a small, but typical, sailing boat (ngalawa) expertly sailed by our Captain, you will be able to explore the riches of the sea bed of the Indian Ocean and admire a multitude of coloured fish, starfish, corals and sea sponges. You will also witness octopus fishing along the coral reef.

The Captain is available to take you fishing along the coast or underwateror for a simple and relaxing swim in the turquoise-blue waters of our ocean.

Snorkellingis always an amazing experience. You will find yourself immersed over a carpet of starfish, corals, seahorses and amidst clouds of multicoloured fish in the shallows, in water so crystal clear that it is like being in a natural swimming pool. Essentially, you have paradise right outside your front door.

The tour will last the whole day, leaving you free to spend as much time as possible on this stunning island. If paradise existed, for many it would look something like Zanzibar.

Duration: full day



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20 November 2018

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